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For more information and pricing please contact the Artist at this link.


Aztec Stories

Program length: 30 Minutes/45 Minutes/60 minutes/90 minutes

Appropriate Audience: All Ages


A Highly engaging musically interactive presentation!

This is one of the most popular programs booked at libraries and schools (K-12). This program is presented throughout the year and includes: interactive music using dozens of indigenous instruments, oral stories, poetry, narratives and philosophical concepts appropriate to age group of audience.  Topics presented vary based on seasonal themes.



Click this link to Watch a "Live" performance of "The Planting Song"

- a song from the Spring Program. The PASSWORD is: aztec


Aztec Stories - Spring Program

Program length: 45 Minutes/60 minutes

Appropriate Audience: All Ages


This is an engaging interactive 45-minute performance program that shares indigenous knowledge regarding the seasonal concepts of springtime - it’s meaning, symbolism, philosophical understanding, and ceremonial applications.


Through oral tradition stories, music, and narratives, Michael presents an intimate view of indigenous farmers and their connection to the earth and nature. 


What is the Xinachtli concept?

This concept is revealed through the metaphor that we humans are seeds – we are the seeds of our parents and ancestors and we are connected to all things that exist. 


What is and what takes place during a planting ceremony? 

Michael presents through ancient Nahuatl poetry and song a moment in time when an indigenous farmer prepares to plant his seeds and his method of ceremoniously thanking the earth and all the elements of nature in order to have a healthy and bountiful crop. 


What are the 7 Warrior foods of the Mexica People?

These are highly nutritious and readily accessible foods that are important to include in your diet today.  Songs and stories  relative to the warrior foods will be shared.


Why is corn so important to the natives of this continent? 

Some very interesting facts about corn are revealed.  It’s origins, relationship to snakes, and to women (young and adult).  During this segment and topic, Michael will also share a fun and education song, a children’s song that teaches you how to make a TLAXKALLI!  What is a Tlaxkalli?  Well, you will just have to wait to hear this song to find out!


Why is taking care of the earth and growing our own foods so important? 

Michael addresses this question from a philosophical and moral perspective based on native beliefs and practices.


All these questions and more will be addressed during a fun-filled, audience participatory experience! 



Oral Tradition Storytelling

Program length: 30 Minutes/45 Minutes/60 minutes

Appropriate Audience: All Ages


Layers of knowledge and wisdom are embedded in the stories.

Most engaging for the very young and young at heart! Many philosophical concepts are revealed in oral tradition stories.


Workshops are available for this program and may include Teacher/Student worksheets, Story dissection components as well as opportunities for Q & A.

This is a highly engaging and informative educational presentation.




The Origins of Dia de Los Muertos

Program length: 60 minutes/90 minutes

Appropriate Audience: Teen through Adults


This program reveals from the indigenous perspective the origins of what is commonly known throughout the world today as "Dia de Los Muertos/Day of the Dead." All the information shared predates the arrival of the Europeans on this continent.


This is a very specialized, personal, and intimate presentation. Many native philosophical concepts are shared which are important to gain a deeper understanding of the origins of this event.. This presentation is recommended for students (6th through 12th grade) and for adults who seek a more meaningful understanding of this very personal ceremony and celebration.

Please note: I prefer to share this presentation prior to the actual dates of November 1st and 2nd.




A Visit with Motecuhzoma - Ruler of the Mexica People
Program length: 40 minutes

Appropriate Audience: All Ages

A "first-person" account on the life and times of Motecuhzoma Xocoyotzin one of the highest elected officials of ancient Mexico during the early 16th century - the 9th Huey Tlatoani of Mexico-Tenochtitlan.  His rule began in the year 1502 and ended with his death in 1520.

Imagine you are able to have an intimate discussion with one of the most important, influential rulers and leaders of the 16th century.  Imagine hearing a first-person account of his life, the people and society whom he served, and his culture from "his" perspective - an indigenous perspective.

This is an audience participatory experience - a rare opportunity for audience members to ask questions of this most famous leader of the Mexica people.

Motecuhzoma Xocoyotzin will share his life through stories and personal

This is a most impressive presentation for all ages and interest levels.  From the moment Motecuhzoma walks into the room (wearing clothing represen-tative of his rank and station) to the moment he greets you – welcoming your thought provoking questions.  He is gracious and informative in his responses.  He speaks from his heart when he describes his beloved city of Mexico-Tenochtitlan and the people who populated it.  He illuminates your mind with the philosophical and spiritual understandings of his time and culture.  He was, after all, trained as a spiritual and military leader.  He will instill pride, honor, and respect to those connected to this culture either by genetics or by spirit.




The Seven Warrior Foods of the Mexica People

Program length: 45 Minutes/60 minutes

Appropriate Audience: All Ages


This presentation will reintroduce seven very important native/indigenous foods that were the staple diet of the Mexica (Aztec) warriors. These foods are also for anyone who wants to live a healthy life.


Information identifying native foods as well as nutritional benefits will be shared in an engaging presentation of stories and music.



Instrument Making Workshops & Lectures are also available - contact Michael for more information.

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